Going Green, What this means for you…

Green isn’t just a colour… it is the future. We pride ourselves in striving to deliver innovative products of the highest quality and standards.

From the manufacturing process to the final product – not only do we focus on physical, functional, and innovative aspects, we also take into account the environmental impact and aim to raise awareness of the amount of resources and energy involved in manufacturing such products.

We take the time to explain why environmental awareness is important and what this means for you.

“Green isn’t just a colour… it is the future.”

Biowood Australia is actively seeking new ways to help sustain our environment today in order for a better future tomorrow. 

By using sustainable reconstituted composite wood to manufacture our products, we are contributing towards maintaining a cleaner environment and helping to minimise deforestation.

So when you choose to use Biowood products, you are making a difference by helping to sustain our environment with a sustainable, high quality timber alternative.

Sustainability Accreditation – Global GreenTag™

GreenTag™ is a third party, green building product rating and certification system. Biowood renewal certification in February 2020, with a Level B award. 

The GreenTag™ ecolabel rating positions a product within the top end of the green product market enabling manufacturers to be able for the first time to fully communicate the work they have undertaken to improve the ecological and health benefits of their products.

GreenTag™ certification of Biowood means the design and build communities can be assured of the eco-benefits of a trusted & proven brand. 


You can view our Certification here

Product Stewardship

You can view our Product Stewardship here

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